July 10th (voicing)

Woke up early this morning, so that I could do loads of exciting things, but after two hours, my only notable achievement was transferring my washing from outside to inside. Then The Cabin’s kitchen called, because those pancakes just won’t flip themselves. I learnt how to make a latte for the first time, accidentally debuting the milk pattern of an eggshell breaking and releasing new life.

Taught some piano afterwards, about how to voice chords, which means deciding which notes to keep or leave out depending on the situation, and where your hand is. Talking it through made me realise how complex the thought process is, and how quickly it happens, even thought I’m used to it. Then went to Rob and Jayne’s for a classic Monday tea.

Afterwards, did Pilates while listening to Muse’s Absolution album. I unwittingly avoid listening to heavy albums now; I really enjoy them, but my subconscious doesn’t want to project negative emotions. Although I find the intricate music very liberating. I love the lyrics, 

Proclaim eternal victory

Come on and change the course of history

And pull us through

Was thinking of reading my bible before bed, but saw Jesus the lion standing on top of it shaking his head, and nodding at my bed. Sleep is important.

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