July 11th (baby)

Had my first day of doing nothing for ages. After breakfast and stuff, I lay on my bed for an hour just because I could. Then listened to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, followed by Troy Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood. Heard God say that I can start listening to music like I used to, purely enjoying the sounds, instead of to induce a spiritual experience.

Then went around town for a bit with Sam. Had a haircut following his advice, which may not have been a wise move, coming from a bald man. Went in the search of great suits, which were not, as I predicted, to be found in Topman. Developed a temporary, thirty-minute obsession with finding athletic running shorts, which didn’t yield any results.

Watched Baby Driver in the cinema. It was extremely entertaining, somehow transitioning between lightheartedness and intensity seamlessly. After a two hour wait and accidental nap in Starbucks, the gang assembled for Spider-Man: Homecoming, which was hilarious, and had a ridiculous number of story points. After such an energy-intensive day, cheese, crackers and bread were scoffed back at home. Looking forward to some crazy dreams.

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