July 12th (curious apples)

My morning was largely consumed by the mystery of a disappearing apple. Yesterday, I bought two, and only ate one, but there were none in my bag. How could this be so? I remembered removing both their labels in Starbucks, then nothing further; maybe it was stolen by a mischievous, vanishing leprechaun. Anyway, the most disappointing thing was my apple not being there, and the fact I didn’t eat it.

I was reflecting on how we often spend our time doing things that are completely alien to us. For example, pancake flipping is hardly my base calling, but that’s how I spent the majority of today. From my point of view, it was a series of near-calamities, but we got good customer feedback, which is all that matters.

It was worship practice tonight, which was preceded by a compulsory fifteen minute recharge and reflection toilet trip. It’s hard trying to teach others how to be musical. There are actually rules to it, which tends to offend people’s minds.

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