July 13th (now I have knives)

Took Gethin to see the glamorous sights of Hillsborough this morning. I did some cleaning while listening to The Friendship and the Fear by Matt Redman. For some reason, Mufasa’s words sprang into my head: “Simba, you must take your place in the circle of life!” Maybe I should have let my hair become more mane-like, instead of removing it in a shoddily ceremonial manner. I have done a disservice to the natural order.

I have relentlessly pursued a knife sharpener over the past few weeks to no avail, so had to resort to Amazon. Picked up some handy knives in B&M though, and also oven gloves, which I’ve needed for three years. Now my kitchen will always be murderously equipped.

Everything seemed to be going well, then everything lost focus around when I played my piano, which is miraculously cured from its C# and G fault, and violin. Even an emergency anime session could not redeem my consciousness. Then was the search for the hidden tie in preparation for the wedding I’m playing at on Saturday. It’s been in my base case for the past three months, since I stuffed it in there after I finished playing at the last wedding. Such tedious social conformity.

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