July 15th (veil)

The expectation did not match the reality today, which was a good thing, as I enjoyed a whole day of wedding affairs much more than I thought I would. I managed to grab enough time for an hour-long Bieber session, which helped me on the straight and narrow, before going down to rehearse the music; it’s always weird playing when you’ve got no choice about songs. I then ended up carrying out some emergency candle trimming, one of those unexpected tasks that gets thrust upon you out of the blue. There was a distinct trail of waxy destruction in the kitchen (in hindsight I should have used a chopping board), but my frenzied hacking finally gave way to the desired result.

When Mary appeared at he end of the aisle, Holyspirit hit me with the verse from Song of Songs: “Why should I be like a veiled woman beside my lover.” Sums up my pet hate of not being constantly bathed in glory. After the ceremony, there was a floaty period of a few hours, where nothing in particular is achieved. This is a major offence to my focus on efficiency, but I made it.

There was much irresponsible conversation at the meal afterwards. I can’t remember why, but we were coming up with drug awareness songs, with the best pun being, “Cannabass, cannabass, cannabass,” which I take full credit for. Very happy to have an excuse to escape dancing, as I had to clean the Playtime Centre. Upon finishing, found out everyone had deserted the site, which suited me perfectly.

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