July 17th (the last)

It’s true that without Eastern spirituality, my life would be quite the mess lately. Stepped up the Chi Kung this morning, holding one of the positions for fifteen minutes instead of ten. I genuinely thought I wouldn’t make it; it really highlighted for me how important mental strength is in exercise. I normally feel exhausted after the normal length, but because I’d decided to do longer, I made it. For most of it, I was thinking, “The next breath, focus on the next breath.”

After work, I took emergency measures to redirect my spirituality, and watched The Last: Naruto the Movie. Anime is always unexpectedly emotional; this movie should be listed as a whirlwind romantic drama. Best quote –

“Why are you hiding that?”
“It’s irritating, and prevents me from making wise decisions.”

The story of my life with anything conventional. There is a moment where Naruto is travelling through his memories, and sees them from a different perspective, realising something that is actually very obvious. Holyspirit said that I should ask to see how Jesus and Father do. I feel ready for anything now, but that’s largely down to the rousing soundtrack.

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