July 19th (Caesar)

Had a cinema day as the second instalment of enforced rest days. Watched War for the Planet of the Apes. Woody Harrelson delivered the best monologue I’ve heard in a long time. Caesar’s character was very similar to Moses, demanding for his people to be free, and also losing and regaining their respect. After a hasty lunch featuring lovely seeded bread, I then watched The Beguiled. Both films had very little dialogue, but worked really well. My tendency to not research the storylines of what I watch always backfires when a film unexpectedly develops into a thriller, but it makes it more of an experience.

Afterwards went to town briefly to pick up a wifi signal booster from Maplin and some snazzy sandals from TK Maxx. I heard Holyspirit telling me to get the sandals first, but I didn’t understand why, so ignored the feeling. Ended up waiting for a bus for ages though, without finding any of my purchases. Then went to the Williams’ for tea. Lowlights included finding out Death in Paradise is the least entertaining programme I’ve watched in years, but this was compensated by the opportunities to hurl verbal abuse at Joel from the car as he cycled home, admirably attempting to keep up.

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