July 23rd (gift)

Started off with an early morning clean of the Playtime Centre, followed by worship at the Streetwise service. I felt a hot overwhelmed, because we went straight from practicing into playing. Afterwards, I was baffled by the scarcity of washing up bowls in Tesco, meaning I had to improvise for my purge of the bathroom. I’ve been waiting to do this for ages, but it had to be today, as I wanted a bath in the evening, but didn’t want to share it with blossom petals and soil, which were the last things to soak there.

I was trying to work out the difference between work and rest, especially when it’s possible to enjoy something but get tired out by it, and also use gifts like music for others and not just myself. Holyspirit was saying that everything is a gift, instead of offering some time to him, and keeping the rest for myself. Any time I spend with him, isn’t an investment in myself, but in our relationship.

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