July 24th (dragon slayer)

Was annoyed in the morning about small career details being uncertain, but then bumped into John in the street, who’s been suffering from intense back pain for months, which was a small reality check. At work, I displayed my recently acquired talent of cutting my hand as soon as I start doing things in the kitchen. On Saturday it was a mysterious item on the bottom of the dishwasher, today while cutting a bagel. Fortunately, two seconds later I was invited into the higher echelons of coffee making, and worked on the bar for the first time. Yet another step towards becoming a highly skilled individual.

For the first time, I wasn’t ridiculously sweaty after work, as I’d not been in the kitchen much. Went to tea at Jayne’s, performing the sacrificial act of putting the potatoes in the oven. My week of unintentional anime fasting ended when I got home, with several episodes of Fairy Tail. No matter how dire the consequences, I am convinced that Dragon Slayer magic will always prevail; this is a principle I depend upon daily.

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