July 25th (say no to the cake)

Had a lie in, and read Galatians to build up my bible points before going to Hillsborough to clean. Listened to Muse’s Drones album; one of the songs says, “I gave you everything, I can’t give you any more, now I’ve become just like you.” I feel this way when I try to give everything to Jesus to follow him, in the vain hope that I’ll become like him.

Then went to church for a few hours to do some admin stuff. If printers were more clearly formatted, I reckon it would improve office efficiency by fifty percent. Decided to do other jobs at home tomorrow. I find those offices so hard to work in; everyone is really nice, but they produce distractions that makes productivity impossible. 

Carried on reading The Picture of Dorian Gray in my war against educational stagnation. It’s started to build to a catastrophic conclusion. My resolve to say no to cake lasted less than twenty four hours, as against my will the rainbow cake found its way out of the freezer. Watched a few episodes of Friends after tea, to keep a healthy balance between anime. Otherwise, my mental image of relationships becomes too eternally dramatic.

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