July 27th (blurred lines)

Decided that a day of doing nothing was in order, to make my head empty. So I filler the day with entirely recreational activities, apart from the accidental practical task, to develop a stronger connection with Jesus. The morning started off quite well, with an extended Einaudi session. Realised that Berlin Song is the most influential modern piano piece on my playing. Then listened to Halcyon Days by Ellie Goulding, the melodramatic soundtrack to my second year, and Holyspirit passed by in one of the earlier songs.

The day slowly unraveled after lunch, with several unfocused visits to Sainsbury’s, and conversations in the aisles. I became one of those people who needs to find a proper rendezvous point for their spontaneous chats. It’s never a glory-focused day without hours of time inexplicably wasted, and I finished by listening to some worship music. I never remember that lying on my bed is a terrible decision in these scenarios, and woke with the line between illusion and reality thoroughly blurred.

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