July 30th (the power of peppermint)

Got up really early to clean at church, before heading down to The Cabin. Even though it wasn’t the busiest I’ve known it, I found that shift the hardest I’ve ever done, because I was crossing so many different roles at once. I got to walk home in the rain though, in a sort cleansing and rebirth.

Pulled out a strong Pilates routine when I got back, before Callum called round to borrow our washing, being in dire shortage of certain, unspecified garments. I’ve never been really into peppermint tea, but I recently decided to diversify my tastes. Initially, £2.20 seemed a bit expensive when I prefer regular tea, but then I realised that’s about average for normal tea prices anyway. I’m conscious that with every sip I’m refining myself into a more purely spiritual being.

Enjoyed being with Holyspirit in the evening, sitting in my chair and listening to music. It was refreshing not to do any activity in pursuit of him.

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