July 31st (my hero)

After breakfast, I sat in Weston Park for a while, listening to the wind in the trees. I was thinking how people, even those who know God, are often afraid of spending time with him because of what he might say, or how it might feel. But I often find Holyspirit just wants to be with us, in a regular, unspiritual way. Then I set off to the cinema for double-film glory.

First I watched The Big Sick, a rom com that was subtly hilarious, but then heart wrenching. Afterwards, a forgotten hero of my childhood reappeared in a blaze of glory: Captain Underpants. One of the best superhero origin stories in years. After the films, I found I’d induced a headache due to overconsumption of leftover peanuts.

Then had tea at Jayne and Rob’s. Upon returning home, helped Gethin with a slightly dubious closure ritual, which involved pouring two pints of beer down the outside drain; and so it returned to the ground from whence it came.

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