August 4th (Glory with a capital G)

The only real, measurable outcome of today was the successful exploitation of the weather to deal with a huge quantity of washing. Despite a visit to the Den of Productivity, very little progress was made in other quarters. There was also the early-morning mystery of how a full pack of butter got consumed in three days.

I was dreaming of being outside all day, so went out to Bole Hills in the afternoon, but felt exhausted when I got back because of the wind. Ended up lying on my bed listening to Matt Redman. There was a moment where I felt my pursuit of Jesus switch from passive to active. Not like an increase in hunger, more like an awakening or deeper enlightenment of what I actually want.

Reading through 1 Samuel at the moment, as a warmup to David’s life. Reminded of the Glory aspect of God, as opposed to the romantic, relational side we so often focus upon. Watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail. I’ve got over the hill with the current story arc, with some epic moments, but questioning how valid it is to always watch some kind of entertainment almost every day.

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