August 5th (disappearing buffalo)

Spent the day working, where the legendary Native Indian album was requested to be played, only then to be ruthlessly slandered. I ended up questioning whether the guys I bought it off in town were real or just a hallucination. I’ve not seen them since, so maybe they transformed into an eagle and a buffalo, and ran off after our fateful meeting. There were several moments where I had to be patient and look at Jesus.

Yet again indulged in my month-long obsession with stir frys. After a while staring at the ceiling wondering why God decided to ruthlessly kill people for looking at the Ark of the Covenant in the old days, I decided it was time to go deep in worship. Still trying to find the place where deep calls out to deep that David mentions in Psalm 42, but I think if you sing really, really loudly like a child, you must be getting somewhere.

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