August 7th (artpop)

Sometimes when I listen to one of my favourite albums, I feel a sense of closure that means it’s finally fallen out of my current, most-played albums. Not that I don’t like the songs any more, but the message they carry is no longer relevant to me. This happened the last time I listened to A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay, and since then, I’ve been categorically listening to my other ones, in a bid to find out which themes of my life I need to hang on to, and which to leave behind. I listened to Artpop by Lady Gaga while cleaning, which is still a firm favourite. Obviously sexual offensiveness still needs to be high on the agenda.

After lunch, I helped Jayne with some DIY, although hindered is probably more the correct term. I spent the next few hours trying and failing to pinpoint where my frustrations lie. In the end, it was solely the lack of perfection that irritated me. But we have freedom to fail in this universe of forgiveness.

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