August 9th (service)

Started early at The Cabin today. I enjoyed setting my own morning vibe in the kitchen with music. It was a weird day, with a really late lunch rush. Working in a food establishment has really altered my perspective of what customer service is. Sometimes people can have unrealistic expectations, and not understand that problems sometimes occur, that the server doesn’t want to happen.

I have a flawless bag system, whereby I always keep my essentials in my rucksack, so that if I have that one item, I have everything. Where this falls down is on spontaneous occasions where I falsely believe my organisation skills supersede this structure. One such occasion was me going to Sainsbury’s to buy popcorn without my bag, so I could have the experience of walking without a heavy load. Unfortunately, I had the knock-on experience of forgetting my wallet.

Had tea tonight with some friends. I truly believe there is no limit to the amount of sauce I can eat, of any kind. We decided to watch The Wedding Ringer. I was crying with laughter, but it also had some meaningful themes about friendship.

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