Had a lot of time to think about general life concepts. I’ve been thinking about how we all grow up in our own frame of reference, which we assume to be true unless something external shatters or skews our perception. For example, if I grew up in a different culture, the person of Buddha may be a major governing force in my life, whereas to who I am, he has little to no bearing on how I make decisions.

I think there must be a spiritual, physical, emotional and logical fulcrum for all existence, no matter how hard modern psychology, science and society tries to separate these four things. I obviously think Jesus is the centre. But beyond his wholeness, I believe it’s arrogant to assume that one nation, tradition or belief system possess the entire truth.

Ultimately, I think simplicity in thought, or simplified approach, is the key. God didn’t want us to know the difference between good and evil (Genesis 2:17), because this knowledge gives the ability to judge. Jesus says in Luke 18:16,

“The kingdom of God, belongs to those who are like these children.”

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