August 22nd (posh bread)

Underwent baptism by fire in the art of creating Mexican chicken waffles today. Hopefully knowledge of this process will never leave me. Bought some bread afterwards. I’ve decided to be more self-indulgent in this area, as for only a few extra pennies, one can make the leap from a basic loaf to tasty granary. In my opinion, Tesco Seed Sensations, at 80p, is the best value for money. Such decadence.

Transferred my old phone number, a task a lot less laborious than my mind had extrapolated, punctuated by Pilates. I can now become a social fiend. I didn’t have any energy to read or watch stuff, but i listened to Justin Bieber while having tea. I find music amazingly relaxing, but not listening to any music, but my own. When I’m familiar with an album, it soothes me to listen to it all and observe the structure, regardless of the genre. The bottomless curry is now no more.

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