August 23rd (latent exhaustion)

My mental faculties were running at thirty percent today, because of latent exhaustion. Although in the morning I realised I was less annoyed about how tired I was, than not having time or space to spend with Holyspirit. Really looking forward to David’s Tent; see you in the fields, Jesus.

Stumbled down to Hillsborough to clean, where the power of sentimentality sustained me, as I listened to Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine. Then helped Jayne with some spring cleaning, until we both hit a wall. This became the perfect opportunity to finish a job application, rather than at midnight, and also experience a localised Tinie Tempah revival.

Got free food at the Armstrong’s before teaching piano. There are few things better than tea, but one of these is two teas. Then continued following the drama in Boruto, and also Saul’s life in 1 Samuel. Will reach David soon.

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