August 24th (haze)

Finally had a lie in this morning, thank you Jesus. Then wandered around in a haze of half-baked multitasking, including highly coordinated washing loads and trying to do Chi Kung outside without being noticed by the estate agent wandering around.

Worked at The Cabin, but only started at 12. It’s weird beginning so late, like walking into the cinema partway through a film. There’s no time to adjust, just utter waffle madness. Allowed myself to be drawn into temptation afterwards by traipsing around town with Sam playing Pokemon Go. Forty six new Pokemon within a day, sounds like an absolute trainer legend.

The final preparations for David’s Tent started falling into place, with the key realisation that there is enough space in the car for all our luggage. Then the illusion of bags of time led to fatal complacency, as I sat in my chair thinking about how little time it would take to pack. And here I am, full of regrets.

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