August 26th (introducing the trinity)

Woke up at six again, for a day filled entirely by worship and consuming enough food and water to sustain extravagant praise. At one point, asked Jesus what his name was, and he said, “Water pourer.” It’s easy to ask him to appear as healer or redeemer, but less so as servant, because that means we have to copy him. Had a break halfway through the day with Matt, and were talking about, while we’d both encountered Jesus powerfully, the new thing hadn’t yet arrived.

In the evening, each member of the trinity appeared one by one, first Holyspirit, then Jesus, and finally the Father. This is the first time they’ve all appeared to me in physical, human-like form. Didn’t quite manage to carry this revelation of his closeness into the queue for Thai curry, but the chicken made up for it.

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