August 27th (worship mob)

The journey continued, with a highly coordinated food effort that meant I wouldn’t have to return to the campsite until night. Spent most of the morning worshipping in the tent, with a break to the glade to do Chi Kung. So essential on a campsite to prevent back pain, where there aren’t any proper chairs.

That wooded area has been essential to go to for breaks from the noise. Just get a blanket to shield from the pine cones and I’m away. Although I got annoyed by a few women chatting and ruining my quiet space in the afternoon. Tired worshipping at the back of the tent, but didn’t enjoy the vibes, and ended up falling asleep.

Reunited with the gang in the usual, Sheffield spot for six hours of glory. There was an invitation to dance on-stage, so ended up spinning around in Ceilidh music madness, but realised afterwards it was only supposed to be “official” worship leaders up there. Somehow managed to gain a common Christian glory breakthrough pass though. That night was pure kingdom madness on all sides; it’s great worshipping with your friends.

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