August 28th (the glory departs)

I think I reached my limit this morning, vaguely recognising music and loud shouting, and acutely aware of a sweaty atmosphere. Then just when it all should have been over, there was an outrageously long blessing prayer. Please people, when people want to go home, sum up what you’re saying concisely, please. Thank you.

After the mild entertainment of Lydia emptying the leftover granola into her handbag, we were off, apart from the forty minute delay getting out of the site. I was fuming. Bought a bottle of Coke Cherry on the drive, flashback to the early days. Oh take me back, back to the beginning, when I was young, running through the fields with you and carbonated drinks.

Normally after an event like this, leaving feels like bursting a bubble. But today it’s more like leaving a rich reality into a less advanced, sleepier one. I didn’t actually feel that much adjustment from my real life to David’s Tent, apart from every decision of what to do next was between eating and soaking in the glory. Nor am I sad about returning to day-to-day living, although I feel more condensed and focused now.

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