August 29th (a different reality)

Back to the real world today, of structures, routines, and sweat generated by work rather than worship. About half of Sheffield decided to have lunch at The Cabin within the same hour and a half, which was great for sales, but not for my heart.

Had tea with my brother afterwards, minus Mum because of a key-forgetting crisis. Talked about various experiences of glory, and drank overfull cups of tea. Was going to do Pilates in the late evening, but decided to listen to Empires by Hillsong United instead. Was worried that my motivations may sometimes be selfish, but instantly the Father appeared to me in a pure, white, square tunnel. He was saying, “This is how clearly your thoughts reach me.” After David’s Tent, sitting in a chair just doesn’t do it for me anymore, and so was punctuated by spinning and jumping.

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