August 30th (oh no, uno)

The necessary lie-in after the weekend could be delayed no longer, and was performed with full effect. For the first time in years I ate a breakfast without oats as a base, in preparation for a lunch buffet with my Grandma, Grandad and brother. After several spicy and varied curries, I decided a final layer of chicken korma would provide a neutralising effect, being milder in taste. This was faulty judgement.

After a shopping trip where I forgot to purchase the main items I wanted, I lay on my floor to recuperate. In light of food eaten and food to be eaten, a reinitiation into the Pilates routine was needed. Continued my extended hunt for garlic bread, especially hard to find after the hour of four o’clock apparently.

Played uno at Sam and Tom’s with the gang, possibly the most contentious card game ever: everyone has their own set of rules. I believe the sense of threat linked to the uno call has to be very real. I need entertaining.

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