August 31st (never going back)

Cinema day today, yay! First watched Detroit, which contains probably the most tense hour of cinema I’ve ever watched. Lay down on a bench outside for a hour, soaking up those ultraviolet rays. I was then ready for Logan Lucky. My brain had assumed this was a true story as well, but eventually worked out this wasn’t the case.

Caught the tram to the prayer centre for a pre-dance glory session, involving weak coffee and strong bible. As I was going in, I thought the big, black bins had been moved, and was looking around for them, but I heard the Father ask me to stop. I asked why, and he said, “Don’t look back at the grave.” Not going back to the stage of spiritual death, thank you. Continues reading the one-way hate match between Saul and David, and also Psalm 92-97, which seemed to carry on flowing into each other, despite the divisions.

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