September 1st (books)

Experienced a mini-revival I reading today, classic back garden, in a plastic chair style. First looked at the next stage of my Chi Kung training; I think I’m going to die. Also read another two chapters of driving theory; after eighty questions on road consideration, I wanted to die.
Felt unexpectedly famished at lunch, resulting in the frenzied consumption of bread, Ryvitas, and an unreasonable amount of cheese. Then went to Weston Park to start reading The Gunslinger by Steven King. I don’t think I’ve ever read a modern fantasy novel, and I’ve been reading a lot of classics lately, so it was nice for a change of tone.

Bumped into Mike and Nadine in Starbucks, and later had a welcome to Sheffield coffee with Steph and Hyland. Next time I should use their fancy, Italian words when specifying drink size, as I got got slightly more caffeine than my body was ready for. At least all those hours studying music theory haven’t gone to waste; “grande” is large, not medium.

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