September 2nd (true power)

Reverted to my inner calling of pot washer at The Cabin today. Charli was practicing making lattes, so I ended up consuming twice my daily quota of coffee. I don’t need to become a communist dictator any more; I have tasted true power. After several hours of generic Christian music, the playlist needed purification, in the form of Florence + The Machine. I love Jesus, but find the live worship sound becomes tedious.

Became distracted by Pokémon GO on the way home, trying and failing to catch an Entei. I will capture you, infernal dog. Played an unexpected amount of music when I got home. I normally play modern piano, with chords, but forget how expressive and complex written, notated music is. Then came the end of the unintentional, week long anime fast. I was born for the world of Naruro, please keep feeding me imagery.

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