September 5th (wasted time)

Opened the kitchen for the first time today, which was a bit scary, but it turned out alright. Yet again indulged in my Hobbit-like obsession with mushrooms, especially those leftover at the end of the day. What I don’t lack in height, I make up for adoration of this fungal plant. However this blessing brought along a curse in disguise, as I no longer wanted to make tea with mushrooms as the main ingredient. Cue much standing, staring and wandering conspicuously in supermarkets.

I’m convinced that wasting time is essential for peace of mind. When I got home I ended up sitting in my chair for a while. I was annoyed at first, but slowly began to enjoy this bliss of an empty purpose, opposed to activity. Read Psalm 97, which says,

He guards the lives of his faithful ones.

Comforting to know Jesus is there weaselling away in the background, when I can barely rub two brain cells together.

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