September 7th (bath time)

The single defining and all-consuming event of the day was the timing, planning and executing of a bath. A procedure originally intended for a few days ago, my body was now screaming to be immersed. No books or distractions, just me, the water and the spirit of the sovereign Lord, hovering over the face of the deep. Took part in the life cycle of water, from scalding hot to lukewarm. I arose as Poseidon out of the sea’s depths.

It’s fortunate that a new episode of Boruto had been released, as few other things could follow up the glory soak. Except from ginger nuts and tea, which were also involved. After reading some more of The Gunslinger, had tea while listening to Artpop by Lady Gaga. If her or Muse don’t release a new album soon, I’ll have to declare a cultural crisis. Had worship rehearsal at church. David’s Tent has proved to me that he advent of jazz piano worship is irresistible.

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