September 9th (line of David)

When I saw a mother and daughter walking together with identical hair styles, my sixth sense told me it was a uni open day, and I was not mistaken. However, my sister sense hasn’t bothered to wake me up five minutes earlier, which would have been more practical.

Grateful I don’t have to walk for five hours to get food, and can pick up a red pepper from Sainsbury’s if Tesco has run out. Instead of doing fun, relaxing things when I got home, I decided to complete the saga of string changing, for long-term sweet sounds and quality of health. Best to get the stress over with all at once. B string sustaining tension with less than a millimetre leeway, so don’t know whether that will generate more, subconscious worry while strumming the acoustic.

Drinking tea and eating greatly anticipated muffin. Maybe I missed a huge, spiritual lesson about being a worshipper after the line of David. Maybe he dealt with harp restringing much more patiently. Don’t really care, see you on the other side of a glory cloud.

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