September 10th (suspension)

A few small, undramatic occurrences in my morning routine sent me on a bit of a bender. First of all, I made my porridge too runny. Then I had the thought, “Could this be rectified by adding more oats, then heating again?” A solution which ha Denver occurred to me before, and which baffled me in its success. Then, as I left the house, a spider was hanging in the air. For the life of me I couldn’t work out where it was suspended from. Arachnids have superseded humans in levitation. Because of all this, although my physical body was in the move, my conscience remained suspended in the past, circulating around these wondrous events for quite a few hours.

After some Assam tea, which was meant to rejuvenate me, but threw me into a stupor, it was time for the first phase of packing to move. I was dreading it, but surprisingly it took less than an hour. Now, with many hours having inexplicably evaporated, I’m sure that the only solution to my current state is watching House of Flying Daggers. Wish me luck.

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