September 11th (young courage)

In a day of mainly not working, I exploited the powers of sitting in a chair, reading brief bible passages, martial arts films, worship, normal and played music, crazy dancing, and a notebook to try and clarify some thoughts and tap into the glory.

The other day I was wondering why we’re always so focused on our improving performance, like monitoring our behaviour to see where we fall short. I realise holiness and transformation are important, but Jesus changed into a man to reach us, instead of waiting for the opposite to happen, us reaching him by becoming perfect.

Whereas there’s a possibility of my actions becoming like Jesus, it’s certain that I’ll always be a human, with doubts, problems, and doubts as to whether I have problems. In my condition, there’s nothing that can separate my spirit from his (Romans 8, woo!), so it’s totally worthwhile focusing on this reality. Listened to Lady Gaga’s Joanne album, and one of the songs says,

Why do we pretend we’re wrong?

Has our young courage faded?

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