September 12th (hidden leaves)

Visited Bole Hills for the last time in a while, before I move away from nearby. While I don’t visit as often nowadays, it used to be my spiritual location in summer last year. Endless hours of sitting on meditation and contemplation rock, two of the most anointed stones in Sheffield (mainly due to the amount of time my bum’s been on them).

After the realisation that I need to clean the house before Friday, I launched into a moody cleaning frenzy, fuelled by traditional Japanese music and internal cursing. Just before tea I fell into an unexpected nap. I awoke as from a dream, not in a sleepy stupor as normal, but into a new day. After tea, wasted over an hour trying to make a humorous, fifteen-second video, but failing. Take me back to the childhood days where Windows Movie Maker was editing perfection.

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