September 15th (flashbacks)

Felt unusually joyful on the walk to work this morning, which made no rational sense whatsoever. Enjoyed the new route; lots of trees as always, and reminiscent of my walking route to church in my first year.

A fairly uneventful day in the kitchen, punctuated by several flashbacks to the dramas of the past few days. Many sponges willingly gave their lives for the sake of cleaning my home – would yours do the same? Finished early so managed to have a shower before tea, which was a reunion with Jack and the old house. It’s always best to be fresh before a curry, regardless of any sweatiness that may follow.

Went to get some emergency supplies from Sainsbury’s on the way back. I can’t have a breakfast without orange juice, or the whole purpose of my morning routine is shattered. Hopefully going to spend some quality, alone time with the Lord of heaven’s armies, if I don’t fall asleep.

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