September 16th (history and revolution)

Absolutely epic fun times at work, with a record-breaking day in terms of sales. There was also an understated Philly reunion, with various different people from church visiting throughout the day; should have prepared a sermon. Feel slightly sad that angry, impatient woman left two seconds too soon, and didn’t get written into this historical event. That’s what’s known as a self-inflicted custard pie.

Had an illogical amount of energy afterwards, which drove the spontaneous computer layout overhaul. Don’t worry, all extension plug sockets in the house are now fully optimised. However, in revolution there is always sacrifice, which is even more tragic when inflicted upon innocents – R.I.P. filament bulb, your fateful descent will forever be engraved on our hearts.

Loved having microwaved tea and listening to my own music. These are genuinely the moments I live for. Let your mind relax into an external structure.

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