September 17th (different realities)

Because I’ve been so busy the past few days, I’ve been wondering about how essential rest is, or at least the conventional definition. I think that Jesus is happy with me regardless of what I do, so at a basic level, it doesn’t matter what actions I carry out. But on a different plane, it doesn’t matter what I don’t do. By this I mean, being in a state of calm and focus on him actually does nothing to change our proximity, only my positive emotions. And make me more likely to get blasted by Holyspirit. 

I’ve got really into Heat of your gaze by Jon Thurlow. One of the songs says,

“Stop acting as though you can earn it,

I don’t love you because you deserve it,

I love you because that’s who I am”

This has really helped me, because when I have no time to spend alone, it actually doesn’t alter anything. The cross has destroyed any spiritual boundary between the Father and me. Time specifically set apart with him is obviously beneficial, but only changes physical things. In any case, if Jesus was in a hot, sweaty kitchen, he would be hot and sweaty as well.

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