Different gravity

This is a poem I wrote tonight while listening to In A Time Lapse by Ludovico Einaudi. It’s based on asking for more, and inspired by The Gunslinger by Stephen King, and my spiritual experiences.

Standing on the ocean’s

Brink, arms stretched wide

To mirror the scope, intensity of the


Grasping the edges

Of the horizon you were

Born into,

Taught into,

Walked into,

Yearning for the handholds to rip and

Tear, savagely

Traditions and well-meaning

Lies become falling leaves in an

Autumn long overdue,


The way to the

Hidden trees and secret gardens that you

Hoped for but never dared to believe,

Dreamt but never imagined

New emotions that overflow

From captions and common


Who can’t be expressed by

Mere language or facial confessions

This is the feeling

Of sounding out another

Cavern between the invisible unknown

You’ve been shown a

Spiritual depth, that drowns out

Physical death, and takes a

Deeper breath of

Air, free from experience,

Unpolluted by desire or

Direction. Enjoy, and don’t

Work so hard to cling

Onto the former things, now so

Easily forgotten

You’ve found a

Different gravity now –

It’s natural to fall upwards

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