September 19th (shop life)

Last night I went on a shopping trip to pick up two important items, raisins and soup. However, being distracted by outrageous deals on shaving merchandise, I forgot to buy either of these. So my morning timings were plagued with the question, “Is it possible to write this wrong, in a minimal time window?” Fortunately it was, despite the first Sainsbury’s I went to having neither. Savages.

After work, I returned home to find my long-lost toiletries from my old home, returned to me. Combined with yesterday’s purchases, I now have enough razors to last me until 2056. Watched the first Kingsman movie. The longest two-hour film I’ve ever watched. Top marks for creative action filmmaking, also with a scene almost identical to the new Ghost in the Shell, with a female leaping through glass with murderous intent.

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