September 20th (caffeine reversal)

Had an extended morning routine, which meant my ears had woken up enough to deal with music at breakfast time, and the unexpected return of Coldplay. Then helped out with some stuff at church, which as always involved sitting lethargically in an overheated room. Cleaned afterwards, which I always find a struggle. I have to restrain myself, so I don’t spend unlimited hours restoring the house to my actual levels of cleanliness. Help me Justin Bieber. 

When I got home, I drank some coffee, in the hope that would fuel an enthusiastic bible study. Instead I passed out on my bed. Maybe drinking tea and coffee is like Russian roulette, with a minuscule chance of an effect reversal, energy drainage instead of blessing. I’m sure the spirit of the sovereign Lord will triumph soon. Toying with the idea of watching Boruto. I’ve stockpiled two episodes, and hope the emotional payoff is worth my patience. Don’t think I’ll last another week.

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