September 24th (spoiler alert)

Today was full of dramatic moves of the spirit, the least of which was morning worship, which was greatly enhanced by my NEW BLACK NYLON BASS STRINGS, at least in my opinion. This was only the warm-up party to the double-film glory cinema trip. No waiting time for trams there and back, so much favour.

First up was Wind River, an amazingly atmospheric thriller. A story about not being blinded by your circumstances, and acting true to you nature. Contained the heartfelt lines,

“I just need to sit here and be sad for a few minutes; care to join?”

“I ain’t going nowhere.”

This was followed by an extended journaling session, essential for the modern, 21st century, western Christian. Then watched mother! which I’d been slightly dreading as an intense follow up to the first film, but one of the most deeply relatable films I’ve ever watched. A picture portrait of what happens when introverts don’t get alone time. Also caught references to the creation story and yin yang.

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