September 26th (release the dragon)

The morning Chi Kung is getting quite intense, with a recent step-up in the warmup exercises. Watched them online to make sure I’m getting them right, as I’ve been getting a bit of back pain after finishing. Sure my dragon is getting ready to burst out into the next level of energy.

Spent large amounts of time at my computer, fluctuating between states of boredom, bemusement and blank stares. Locked myself into a cycle of listening to female vocal albums; it’s been a long time since I’ve played Sia, but my emotions have obviously come full circle to dramatic heart cries.

Went to the student worship night as a hanger-on. It’s the only way I survive nowadays. I’ve decided that the worship rules at David’s Tent (i.e. reckless abandon) are just as applicable in daily life. There were a few moments where I paused to gaze at the Father’s face, but he wanted me to carry on worshipping. Being able to sing and dance without thought is incredibly freeing.

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