September 27th (voluntary pain)

Many voluntary sector hijinks were carried out today. After stepping into my true calling of minutes taker, I headed into town with Hyland to source a large Belle doll, and some Nike trainers, none of which were for myself, sadly. After teetering on the edge of mental breakdown in Sports Direct, and two entirely unnecessary trips to TK Maxx, I can confirm that size 5 trainers are not available with Velcro, at least in this town. I always enjoy meandering though, and got to buy my next book and sit in Peace Gardens.

I’d agreed to pop into Jill and Lydia’s wellbeing café, and my bond to these words compelled me uphill through muggy warmth. By this time it was well past caffeine o’clock, and I was barely sensible. I got annihilated at chess, but got to pray against physical and spiritual illness. Everything returned to balance.

Got to play violin at worship tonight. Not played in a while, but sounded ok. The true ceilidh beast remained hidden, though.

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