September 28th (muse)

Today has been looming over me, as the pinnacle of over activity and socialising that this week has been. However, space was created by the power of prayer, and my cleaning job completed by the power of music. Without Muse, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Listened to Drones. When I get to the penultimate track, I know I have precisely twelve minutes and fifty nine seconds to finish, or I’ll be mopping in lonely desolation. 

Thank you Jesus for trees. I can’t live without them, and not even in an oxygen sense. Recharged my chakra while walking and sitting in Hillsborough Park. Made the most of my surprise free time by lying on my bed, stressing over how I wasn’t using my free time properly. Watched the new Kingsman film in the evening. A masterclass in how bad language can be used to good taste.

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