September 29th (fate)

All my experiences of this week were funnelled into a singular occurrence that happened today, and that occasion was the successful organisation of a group booking for David’s Tent next year. I made an inner vow to distance myself from any such arrangement, and subsequently became the initiator, sustainer and completer of the venture. Why does this happen? Is it self-inflicted, or written in the stars. Such answers elude me. But I got such a huge buzz after completing the transaction, I was sprinting down the hill, squealing, “FRODO!” the only appropriate response.

Was a bit bored by this random meeting I went to at church tonight. I really wanted to be like Jesus and patient, but I wasn’t feeling it. The second half of the evening was much better than the first. We went to some posh bar to say goodbye to Steph, and some random Scottish dancers started swirling to fiddle music. These are honestly the moments I live for, and I’m really grateful for the culture that exists in our country.

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