October 1st (help)

The best thing would have been to stay in a quite, confined room for the whole day; instead I released myself into the wild. I have never been so mentally tired, and quickly reached the conclusion that I could only be around people I knew and liked. Worship was lit at church, but then I got frustrated by being ordered to follow instructions. I don’t want to jump through prophetic hoops, please let me sing.

The afternoon held the first post-David’s Tent reunion of Drapper and myself. Glorious as always. Advance prayers of forgiveness were in due course for our dismantling of all religious thought and action. An overindulgence in Chinese curry and new music from HMV were par, with spiritual prayer candles being lit in the cathedral. Also jumping repeatedly in front of a tree where a hideous goblin was perched. Such things only occur as a product of our fateful union and blindness to social convention.

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