October 8th (planes of emotion)

Another joyous trip to church today, unleashing the bass and backing vocal skills upon an unsuspecting congregation. Then a lunch trip with e visiting grandparents. In my head I had a pub in the perfect location, but upon arrival, it turned out said food establishment had become a posh carvery. It was lovely though, and had great general chat about life and how not to scream during sermons.

My trip to the newly discovered, barren wasteland of nature energy was plagued by an irritating puppy. Got some Vitamin D though. Completed rewatching Naruto vs Pain; beautiful animation. Deep into the evening, finally reached a state of tangible worship. I’m hovering and skirting on the edge of some new plane of emotion that I’ve no idea how to navigate. Really getting into Bleach, so maybe this will pick up the self-awareness revelation where Naruto left off.

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